The Dark Side: 5 Rogue Valley Stouts & Porters

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring, and it looks and feels like he may be right for once. No offense, Phil, but you’ve been known to fib before. Before the last of our chilly, dark season changes to its sunnier, warmer counterpart, we want to pay tribute to the dark and stormy beers our Southern Oregon breweries have to offer. After all, February is officially Stout Month. Yes, it’s a thing. Just ask Twitter (#StoutMonth).

SOB Pin Up Porter

We had to do some product testing, just to make sure the pairings worked. It was a really tough job.

Here are our five picks for great dark beers in the Rogue Valley (with their brewery descriptions). We like some with breakfast, some with dessert…heck, we’ll take them anytime. And if your cravings lead you toward chocolate for Valentine’s Day, these beers make great pairing matches. Go ahead, indulge in the dark side.

5 Rogue Valley Stouts & Porters

Wild River BrewingDouble Eagle Imperial Stout
As deep and dark as the Moscow Nights and strong enough to warm the Czar’s tootsies even in January! Based on an 1880 Whitbread Triple Stout recipe.


Climate City Brewing Co.Hyperion Porter
Tall, dark, and delicious.  A full bodied ale packed with roast, chocolate, and caramel malt flavors.  Perfect for breakfast or dessert. 


Caldera Brewing Co.Toasted Coconut Chocolate Porter
With over 100 pounds of hand-toasted organic coconut and over $275 of natural chocolate, this porter is a dessert in a glass.


Southern Oregon BrewingPin Up Porter
A dry finishing Porter with coffee and chocolate undertones and a hint of smokiness.


Opposition Brewing Co.Devastated Sky
Black as the devastated sky of the coming apocalypse, this American Stout style brew is deep and complex. Dry, yet robust, with a respectable hop presence. Brewed using our unique cold-steep process that provides a rich roasted malt flavor without the harsh tannin found in many other stouts on the market. If you’re up for a journey through the darkness…this is your brew.