How to Beer-Theme Your Thanksgiving Celebrations



We’re feeling thankful for hops, malt, water and yeast…and a whole lot more (we love you, Mom!). For the upcoming and delightfully indulgent holiday on the horizon, here are three ideas for incorporating your favorite beverage into the celebrations.

  1. Support your local craft brewery – As if you need a reason to go beer tasting at your favorite local brew house, stop in and try a flight to pick your favorite beer for the big meal. Load up on several growlers to offer your group a selection, or consider a keg to reduce waste and let guests serve themselves on tap. Head over soon if you’re planning to go the keg route, as some breweries fill kegs to order and require advanced notice. A tip for quantities: at 1/6 BBL (5 gallon) keg will give you about 40 pints, so smaller could be a good option for intimate gatherings. And if there’s any leftover, see tip #3.
  1. Invite guests to bring a beer to pair with a specific course – To let your houseguests in on the fun, invite them to bring beer to pair with appetizers, dinner, or dessert. They’ll get to show off their beer-pairing know-how, and it’s a heck of a lot easier than preparing a side dish. Here are some of our pairing suggestions to get started:
  • beer tasting cardRoasted Turkey with Amber Ale
  • Stuffing with Pumpkin Ale
  • Pecan Pie with Imperial Stout

And for an extra activity, consider printing a beer tasting card, like this one from Create. Cook. Survive Law School.

  1. Cook with it (and leave some for yourself) – Mix in beer with your dishes and see if your guests can pick out the variety. Here are some of our top recipes for a beer-centric Thanksgiving spread:

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and may your holiday be full of flavor, food, and fun!