Siskiyou Challenge Photo Recap

We traversed grueling terrain, raced against strapping athletes and perilous odds, pushed ourselves to the edge of sheer exhaustion…

Ok, maybe that’s all a BIT exaggerated. But, wow, did we feel ready for our recovery beers afterwards.

IMG_3973Last weekend, our Common Block crew joined the Siskiyou Challenge Multi-Sport Relay in Ashland as competitors (we’re using that term lightly here) and sponsors. Our team “Common in Hot” raced with the crowds via bike, kayak and two legs to complete the race and earn a spot among the top 30 finishing teams! We won’t say how many teams there actually were…

We also fed the masses with free food and beer for the racers, because they earned it! What an awesome day of teamwork, encouragement, and all-around fun, provided by the fine folks at Rogue Valley Farm to School. This great organization puts on the Siskiyou Challenge every year as their major fundraising event, and we could see from the happy crowds that this year was one for the books.

Congrats to the winning team, Flywheel Bicycle Solutions, and the top solo racer, Bobby Carpenter! We’ll work on catching up to you all next year.

Here are some of our favorite team photos from the day, to remind us how much we love working together to support this awesome southern Oregon tradition. Our fun meter ranked off the chart! So long, Siskiyou Challenge, and we can’t wait to rally for the relay again next year.