Meet Common Blocker Andy Schow

As the weather gets colder in southern Oregon,  we warm up by having a one-on-one with our own our own slice of tropical living in Medford. Some call him the Resident Long Haired Hawaiian, or the Yeti, but if you’re asking him to sign his name on a check, it’s Andy.  Raised on the island of Kauai, Andy personifies easy living.  And go figure, he’s a pretty cool dude.  If you’re trying to remember which Common Blocker he is, he’s the one with dark Rapunzel hair.  When he’s not working, he’s testing out new food and cocktail recipes, and our efficient R&D department is always there to try whatever new inspiration he comes up with.

But enough exposition, why don’t we talk to the man himself?

Beer Pour Crew

Andy (center) pouring beer at our Permit Party in August

What is your favorite thing about bartending?

My favorite part about bartending…that’s a tough one. It would have to be a combination of answers. First and foremost, I love the interactions with customers. All the world is a stage, and that’s my stage of choice. I love the creative side of bartending, too – the development of specialty cocktails, the science behind the combinations of flavors, and the fun of experimenting and coming up with new, delicious ideas. Lastly, there is the moment when the customer tastes this beverage that I’ve made for him or her with my heart and hands, and gives it the first taste. This is always best when they really like it, of course.

What has been your go-to lunch spot in downtown Medford?

I lived in Medford before for eight years, so I have several go-tos already, but Medford has a lot more to offer now. So, the old faves are Squeeze-In Sandwich Shop and Organicos Bakery. The new faves have been the tasty chicken bento down the street at Jolie’s Bento Central, and that Ooblies Waffle truck makes a heckuva chicken waffle sandwich!


We all see you snaking that full beer, Andy.

How long have you been growing that lovely mane of yours?

What, this old thing? I guess it’s been about seven or eight years now. And this here, folks, is 100% free-range, hormone-free, grass fed and finished!

Hypothetically, if a few of us poured some of the Rough Draft Ale into growlers and said we were headed over to your house for dinner, what would you make for us?

Well, hypothetically speaking, if that was going to happen with enough notice, I think John’s Rough Draft pale ale would go splendidly with a Granny Smith apple stuffed with grilled pork, raisins, jalapenos and blue cheese, and a little balsamic reduction drizzled over the top. But, if you were to come over right this second…well, let’s see…looks like I could do peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches, or…canned tuna fish!

But really, if we pour off beer and head over, will you please make something for us?

Heck yes, I will! Peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches for everyone!

Yeti walk

It wouldn’t be a Yeti spotting without a poor-quality photo series.


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