Joining Forces with Rogue Food Unites

rogue food unites common block

One of the beautiful things about living in the Rogue Valley (and there are LOTS)…

When a natural disaster or pandemic strikes, we have an incredible community of leaders, helpers, businesses, organizations and individuals who make sure our people are taken care of. We are so fortunate to call you all our neighbors and friends!

And one group is stepping up to the plate to feed displaced Southern Oregonians over the next year, support the local food chain, and bolster the Rogue Valley economy. We are excited to announce our new partnership with Rogue Food Unites!

About Rogue Food Unites

Rogue Food Unites is working double-time to coordinate food businesses, farms, and cultural organizations to form a community-driven meal preparation and delivery program. Meals are prepared by local restaurants, and delivered to locations where displaced community members receive the food they need.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

With the help of grants, partnerships, donations and fiscal sponsorship, Rogue Food Unites is able to reimburse restaurants for the food they make and deliver to those in need. This means restaurant workers keep working, and farmers keep farming, while impacted residents are supported by local food professionals.

Connecting local restaurants with displaced residents ensures that invested funds stay here in the Rogue Valley to support the local economy. Restaurants receive reimbursement to fund their staff, their rent, their food costs…and do what they do best: feed hungry people.

Investing locally also assures fresher, more flavorful food that supports local growers and producers, while helping to reduce environmental harm. Win-win-win-win-win!

Rogue Food Unites By The Numbers

Rogue Food Unites expects to serve 1,281,000 meals in the next 12 months, to ensure our community members impacted by
the Almeda Fire have food. Meeting this essential demand will inject $12.7M into the local economy, helping to bolster businesses that were already struggling from the effects of COVID. So far, the program has 25+ participating local restaurants, and several supporting organizations, including Kids UnlimitedNeuman Hotel Group, United Way, Ashland Food Coop, American Red Cross, World Central Kitchen, and more!

How to Get Involved

Want to join the cause? Donating is easy at, where you can also learn more about Rogue Food Unites’ mission, founders (they’re awesome), participating businesses and the impact. This is seriously such a cool organization, and we’re so happy to participate!


So what does this mean for Common Block? Over the next many months, we’ll be preparing and delivering meals to those in need at locations around the Rogue Valley. As those who lost their homes and belongings (and for some, employment as well) navigate the long-term effects of the fires, we hope to take at least one daily concern of their plates: food.

We’re honored to be a part of this movement helping thousands in our valley, and can’t send enough thank you’s to those who worked so quickly and passionately to put this organization together. We are in awe of this group’s speed and goodwill, and hope you’ll join us supporting the good work they do, whether it’s through direct donations to RFU or helping to spread the word.

When Southern Oregonians are in need of food…Rogue Food Unites!