Getting to Know Griess Family Brews

Let’s all raise a glass for a moment to toast this: our region is home to some awesome craft breweries. So much so, that All About Beer Magazine wrote last year about Southern Oregon priming to be a big beer destination in Oregon. We’re excited to jump in and join the fun soon, and in the meantime we’re getting to know some of our fellow beer-making enthusiasts. We’re asking local breweries some questions, they’re giving us answers, and we all get insight into what makes these awesome local businesses…well…awesome.

IMG_2526 (1)We’re starting our brewery spotlight series with Griess Family Brews in Grants Pass. This downtown nano brewery features a welcoming taproom with beer, wine and cider. They brew their beer on-site, and offer guest tap options alongside their flagship ales, such as Girlfriend IPA and Little Orphan Amber. On your visit, enjoy ping pong, live music, trivia, or just sit back with a beer!

When did you start brewing?

For fun, six or seven years ago. Commercially, in 2014.

What are some not-to-be-missed events at the brewery people should know about for 2016?

Our Anniversary Party in April is alway epic, and this year will be for sure! First Friday music events, and First Tuesday of every month Trivia. We also have our annual Ugly Sweater Party in December. (Visit their events page for monthly happenings)

daveDo you have favorite music you listen to while you’re brewing?

Hard Rock – what else is there?

What is your favorite beer and food pairing at the end of a brewing day?

Little Orphan Amber and pizza.

Say the apocalypse happens, and you’re only allowed to pack away one GFB beer for your 12-month bunker supply. Which beer do you choose?

Grandpa Hall and Oats. It’s an oatmeal stout, so it is fortified with oats to sustain us!

(photos: Griess Family Brews)