Drive Less, Save More

The Oregon Drive Less Challenge has come and gone, and we’re excited to tally our Common Block team’s overall numbers for using alternative transportation to get to work from October 5th-18th:

Gasoline saved: 54 gallons

drive less challenge logoCO2 saved: 1,062 lbs.

Trips not driven alone: 114

Miles not driven alone: 1,523

Methods of transportation: biking, carpooling, RVTD bus

Thanks to Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) for giving us the inspiration to trek it to work in something other than our single-driver cars. The week was full of events, meet-ups and prizes all over the Rogue Valley. The daily themes and rewards kept things interesting and, we’ll admit, slightly competitive. One of our coworkers, Matt, won a Nutcase bike helmet! More than anything, it was a great daily reminder that there are lots of enjoyable ways of getting to and from wherever we need to be.

bike tripWhat was our favorite part about the alternative transportation week, you ask? Chatting it up! We exercised our muscles and our jaws socializing with coworkers on group bike rides. And the post-work carpool is a great way to decompress with workmates at the end of the day. Especially if the carpool ends up at a brewery on the way home. Just saying.

What were some of your highlights from the week? We loved seeing all the #2015ORChallenge photos on social media, and getting motivated from other awesome bikers and walkers. We hope you were able to join in the festivities, too, and look forward to next year!