Supporting the Common Good

Our Common Block team loves to rally around local organizations with missions near and dear to our hearts. Our passions go far beyond craft beer (though we really, really like craft beer) and into community involvement, sustainability and employee well-being. Here, our donations committee works together to choose non-profit beneficiaries based on our chosen core areas: environment, education, local food and farms, and arts programs.

Have an organization you think would be a good fit? Tell us about it! After reviewing our requirements below, scroll down to fill out a donation application for your organization or event.


Donation requirements:

  • Recipients must have 501c3 status (we donate directly to the benefiting nonprofit)
  • Events must give at least 30 days prior notice
  • If you are seeking a donation for a school, please note that we can sponsor PTOs and Booster Clubs only (no individual classes or sports teams)
  • Applicants must be be able to pick up gift card donations at Common Block in Medford, Oregon – as much as we enjoy spreading the love, we choose to support local organizations to best reach those in our community.


Heads up! When you submit your application online, you will not get an automatic reply, but know that it’s in our hands. Our Donation Team meets once per month, and we’ll be in touch at the email address you provide in your application — so make sure that puppy is correct!