Common Block Blueprint IPA + Homebrew Recipe

You can take the man out of the brewery, but you can’t take the brewer out of the man.  Brewer John has whipped up another pilot beer, one we’re naming the Blueprint IPA.  This may come as a surprise… we love it.

Here’s how the tasting went down: First thing Nick noted was its floral aroma.  Then Rachel noticed its peachy front.  That was the moment when Alex stated the beer’s hoppy finish (he gets ahead of everyone else).  At this time, Nick took another sip, just to make sure he got all the tasting notes right.  The notes were right, but another pint was needed just to be sure.  Turns out the second pint tasted a lot like the first, but would the third…?

The main flavor/aroma ingredient in the beer are the Mosaic hops, a Simcoe Pedigree.  The Mosaic hop gives the beer an incredible peach and dried apricot aroma.  The nose compliments the flavor well, as this IPA has a slight fruity front. The Columbus hops create a hoppy finish that keeps you wanting more.

Since we can’t sell our beer (yet!), we wanted to share the recipe for John’s Blueprint IPA, for all you home brewers out there:

This is sized for a 3x5 inch notecard, so print it off and add it to your recipe book!

This is sized for a 3×5 inch notecard, so print it off and add it to your recipe book!

And since you’ll be making the beer at home, why not pair some food with it, too?  Here are a couple of dishes we fantasized about pairing with this beer:

Bangers and Mash
The hoppy flavor from the IPA cuts through the fat of this hearty dish.  Additionally, the bratwurst and mashed potatoes would help cleanse your pallet of the Blueprint’s hoppy finish.

Spicy Mango Salsa with Salted Corn Chips
If you’re a spice fan, then any beer with hoppy bitterness is the beer for you.  Hops amplify spice, increasing the intensity of heat.  Furthermore, the fruity mango flavor from this salsa goes with the fruit front we tasted in the Blueprint IPA.

If you brew Blueprint IPA, please let us know!  We’d love to hear how it turns out.

Until then, we’ll keep a rigorous schedule when doing R&D; these beers aren’t going to drink themselves.