Beers with Benefits Is Back, Supporting United Way’s Fire Fund

rally up red ale common blockBeers are great. Beers with Benefits are better!

Support the United Way Fire Fund by enjoying a pint of our new ‘Rally Up’ Red Ale at Common Block. We’re launching this year’s Beers with Benefits program on March 1st, and giving $1 from every pint sold to United Way of Jackson County through May 31st.

When: March 1, 2021 through May 31, 2021 (open 11am to 9pm each day)

Where: Common Block Brewing Co.

What: Donate $1 to United Way every time you order a pint of ‘Rally Up’ Red Ale at CBBC

Why: Beers with Benefits is the giving arm of our ‘Local is Love’ program. Throughout the year, we’ll be pairing with different local organizations to support their good causes through our in-house, beer-sales donation program. When visitors order the designated brew at Common Block (like this round’s West-Coast style red ale), we’ll give a portion of sales to the nonprofit — it’s a win-win-win for all!

We’re excited to launch this program for 2021 with an organization that has done so much to aid in fire relief efforts in Southern Oregon since last September. Their ongoing Fire Fund has a goal of $500,000 per year for the next three years to help with long-term relief and rebuilding projects, and we’re excited to partner with our guests to contribute!

If you want to learn more about United Way of Jackson County, you can visit their website at We love this community-focused nonprofit dedicated to equity in health, education, housing and transportation. They’ve been such a huge player in both immediate relief and rebuilding efforts, and we thank them for ALL their amazing work.

We look forward to toasting our glasses to United Way of Jackson County with you at Common Block all spring long!

Reduce, Reuse & Go Rogue with ‘Rogue To Go’

rogue to go containers

We’re joining other restaurants in the Rogue Valley to kick single-use takeout containers to the curb.

While we’re big fans of taking food home to enjoy, we have a hard time watching all those boxes and bags head out the doors (never to be seen again!). So we’ve partnered with Rogue To Go, a local collaboration that’s making it oh-so easy to swap takeout containers and have clean, fresh, new containers available on the regular.

Here’s How It Works

  • You purchase your first to-go container (or a redemption coin) for $10. Then it’s official…you’re in.
  • Next time you grab your grub at a participating Rogue To Go restaurant, bring your container. The restaurant will exchange it for a clean one that you can use right away, or give you a coin to bring on your next visit. When you redeem the coin, we’ll give you another box (and so on, and so on…no need to spend the $10 again).

So if you’re someone who regularly gets your food to go or takes your leftovers home, this is an AWESOME way of reducing to-go waste and using hardy, sturdy, reusable containers instead.

Did we mention they’re spiffy?! The bright green containers hail from the USA (and in Oregon no less!), and can also withstand heat from commercial dishwashers, making them an excellent choice for home dishwashers and restaurants.

About Rogue To Go Containers

There are currently two sizes available: one large box and one round container for liquids. So whether you have soup, a sandwich, pizza slices or big ol’ salad, we’ve got you covered.

They’re made in Albany, Oregon from BPA free plastic, and are 100% recyclable. They are also dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe and microwave-safe.

We like them for their durability, recyclability and happy green color!

Have Questions?

Let us know. We can also show you the containers next time you’re in.

We’re so excited to join other local restaurants in offering a product that’s great for our customers, our economy’s bottom line, and our planet.

Looking for gift ideas? Give a token as a gift to someone you know. You can also purchase boxes or tokens for your office-mates, family members, or people you see in restaurants (make some friends!).

We recommend visiting for a regularly updated list of participating restaurants — there are more joining all the time! The website also has a handy-dandy FAQ page that deep-dives into how the program works.

We hope you’ll join us in curbing restaurant waste in Southern Oregon!

Buy in. Fill up. Chow down. Swap ’em out. 

Joining Forces with Rogue Food Unites

rogue food unites common block

One of the beautiful things about living in the Rogue Valley (and there are LOTS)…

When a natural disaster or pandemic strikes, we have an incredible community of leaders, helpers, businesses, organizations and individuals who make sure our people are taken care of. We are so fortunate to call you all our neighbors and friends!

And one group is stepping up to the plate to feed displaced Southern Oregonians over the next year, support the local food chain, and bolster the Rogue Valley economy. We are excited to announce our new partnership with Rogue Food Unites!

About Rogue Food Unites

Rogue Food Unites is working double-time to coordinate food businesses, farms, and cultural organizations to form a community-driven meal preparation and delivery program. Meals are prepared by local restaurants, and delivered to locations where displaced community members receive the food they need.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

With the help of grants, partnerships, donations and fiscal sponsorship, Rogue Food Unites is able to reimburse restaurants for the food they make and deliver to those in need. This means restaurant workers keep working, and farmers keep farming, while impacted residents are supported by local food professionals.

Connecting local restaurants with displaced residents ensures that invested funds stay here in the Rogue Valley to support the local economy. Restaurants receive reimbursement to fund their staff, their rent, their food costs…and do what they do best: feed hungry people.

Investing locally also assures fresher, more flavorful food that supports local growers and producers, while helping to reduce environmental harm. Win-win-win-win-win!

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Donate Blood at Pint for a Pint, 9/3

Pint for a Pint at Common Block is back! Join us on Thursday, September 3rd from 12-6pm for our annual community blood drive with the American Red Cross. We’re giving vouchers for a free pint to anyone who donates, as a way to say thank you for helping those in need!

Give a pint, get a pint

To make an appointment to donate, call 541-708-1334 or sign up online at with sponsor code “CommonBlock.”

You can help hospitals around the country meet patient needs, and earn a pint at the same time. Giving never tasted so good! Post-donation vouchers can be used toward a beer or non-alcoholic beverage, and redeemed on your donation visit or at a later date. Your donation, your choice.

Facts about blood donations

  • Giving blood is absolutely considered essential!
  • Blood is a perishable product that can only come from volunteer blood donors. With someone in the U.S. needing blood every two seconds, blood products need to be constantly replenished, according to the Red Cross.
  • Donors with all blood types are needed, especially those with types O negative, A negative and B negative.

Schedule your appointment

Blood donation appointments typically take 45 minutes from start (sign-in) to finish. Walk-ins are welcome, but we recommend holding your place ahead of time by booking a time slot for Pint for a Pint. Remember to bring your driver’s license for ID!

The Red Cross Blood Mobile will be sitting on the street in front of Common Block. You can’t miss it! Masks will be required, and please stay home if you are experiencing a fever or any flu-like symptoms. Volunteers will be checking temperatures, giving hand sanitizer, wearing gloves and sanitizing surfaces throughout the drive. You know, all the good stuff to keep everyone healthy!

We look forward to seeing you for Pint for a Pint on September 3rd, and toasting your support of the Red Cross!



NEW! We Bring the Food & Beer To You

to go food common block

When we first started Common Block, we did it with a vision of bringing people together over shared plates and pints. Since we can’t do that right now…we’re improvising.

We’re now offering beer and food delivery service to Medford homes and offices. That’s right…no need to leave the house and your favorite Netflix series behind. We’ll bring your grub to you, so you can treat yourself at home and take the night off from pulling from your food stores (we’ve got plenty to go around).

From the beginning, our mission has been to bring community together and provide a gathering space for anyone and everyone to sit back, relax, and do their thing. So while we can’t do that right now, we can still bring you a little food, comfort and normalcy wherever you’re laying low and staying healthy.


Here’s how it all works. You choose how to you’d like to order:

  1. Order online at
  2. Order over the phone at (541) 326-2277
  3. Order in-person at Common Block

Then, you choose how to get your goods. We can bring them to you, or you can pick them up while you’re out and about grabbing the essentials. Choose from:

  1. Home or workplace delivery
  2. Parking lot pick up (text us at 541-326-2277 when you arrive)
  3. Common Block pick up inside


If you come in, you’ll also find our new Grab ‘N Go beer cooler with freshly-filled growlers ready to go. Tack one onto your order, and no need to wait for a fill.

We also have wine, cider and kombucha to-go! See our full menu online. You can bring your own Common Block growlers and we’ll trade them out for fresh ones, or you can put down a $5 deposit for a new growler and we’ll refund the amount when you bring it back in.

Lastly, if you have a home tap system, we’re offering kegs for sale as well. Save glass, save time, and save trips by bringing your favorite beer home in bulk. Give us a call at 541-326-2277 at we’ll get it ready for you, so pick up is quick and easy.

Take out and delivery hours are 11am-9pm everyday.

And finally, it’s no secret…we are so grateful for all of you who have called, texted, ordered food or sent virtual well wishes. You — our community — have shown up and been here for us, and we’ll continue to do our best to be here for you as well. We make a good team.

Stay happy, stay sane, stay healthy, and stay awesome Southern Oregon!


Join us for Beers with Benefits, Supporting Mt Ashland

Beers are great. Beers with Benefits are better!

Support the Mt Ashland Association by enjoying Steep Slope Hazy IPA at Common Block! We’re launching our new Beers with Benefits program, and giving $1 from every pint sold to Mt Ashland, opening day through closing day of the 2019 – 2020 ski season.

When: Kick-off party on Wednesday, January 22nd 2020 from 6-8pm

Where: Common Block Brewing Co. (joined by our friends at Mt Ashland)

What: Raffle, giveaways, and raising our glasses to local mountain fun!

Why: Beers with Benefits is the newest addition to our ‘Local is Love’ program at Common Block. Throughout the year, we pair with different local organizations and support their good causes through our in-house beer-sales donation program. When brewery guests order the specialty program brew at Common Block (like this round’s Steep Slope Hazy IPA), we’ll give a portion of sales to the nonprofit — it’s a win-win-win for all!

We’re excited to launch this program now that we are brewing in-house at Common Block! We’re bringing it all home — the brewing, the events, the partnerships. This event will be the first of many Beers with Benefits kick-off celebrations to come, and we’re looking forward to making it a BIG one with great beer, food, company and giveaways.

Want to learn more about the Mt Ashland Association? Visit their website at We love our local community-focused ski area, dedicated to encouraging outdoor recreation for people of all ages and skill levels. Well, don’t get us wrong…Mt Ashland is STEEP! But they have awesome programs to get both kids and new riders out on the hill and enjoying wintertime in Southern Oregon.

We look forward to toasting our glasses with you on Wednesday, January 23rd at Common Block!

Common Block Women of the Outdoors

In celebration of tomorrow’s Force of Nature Film Night at Common Block — Thursday, July 25th at 8pm — we want to feature some of our own rockstar women of the outdoors. These are folks on our team who run, pedal, paddle, climb, shred and otherwise have a blast outdoors, in and around Southern Oregon. These are our own personal heroes, cheerleaders, and change makers — people we work with everyday who also have a blast making our local hills, trails, lakes and rivers their outdoor playing field.

To all the women on our team who rock doin’ their thing (and doin’ it well), we salute you!



Day Job: Server

Favorite outdoor activities: Trail running, backpacking, mountain biking, jumping into mountain lakes (in the summer!), car camping with an ice chest loaded with delicious food and drinks, and most of all…backcountry skiing.

Favorite post-activity beverage: After I get done with a long day adventuring outdoors, nothing satisfies quite like a Steep Slope Hazy IPA. Go figure!




Day Job: Server and Bartender

Favorite outdoor activities: I love getting off the beaten path with my two favorite gals, Brittney and Joey “the dog.”

Favorite post-activity beverage: Fiery Mule and the Deep Down Double IPA. And water, lots of water.




Day Job: Graphic Designer

Favorite outdoor activities: My favorite outdoor activity these days is hiking new trails in new places with my family and spending time taking in all of the scenery! I love that no matter where you are, if there’s a trail nearby, there’s a new experience just waiting to be had!

Favorite post-activity beverage: After a hike we love to head to a nearby winery or brewery for a snack and liquid reward!




Day Job: Bar Manager and House Manager

Favorite outdoor activities: Nothing beats a morning of backside bluebird powder laps with friends!! Yes please!

Favorite post-activity beverage: Earn your turns, earn your post-workout libations! You can find me sipping me favorite combo, Rogue Runner IPA with a little bourbon on the rocks to boot 😉




Day Job: Marketing and Events

Favorite outdoor activities: Running, camping, lake swimming, rafting, biking and burying her kids in the sand.

Favorite post-activity beverage: Kombucha and a Common Block Rogue Runner IPA




Day Job: HR, Host, House Manager, Team Mom

Favorite outdoor activities: Cross country skiing, running (a nice mix of trails and roads), anything on the water but not in the water (I’m always cold!), and riding my bike.

Favorite post-activity beverage: CBBC Pale Ale




Day Job: Server, Host and (now!) Registered Nurse

Favorite outdoor activities: Experiencing the stillness of the outdoors is essential for my wellbeing. The stress of a busy life doesn’t stand a chance against my favorite outdoor activities: trail running, gardening, backcountry skiing, and mountain biking.

Favorite post-activity beverage: Old Fashioned or Steep Slope Hazy IPA




Day Job: Server, Bartender, House Manager, Line Cook (she does it all!)

Favorite outdoor activities: I have an amazing time pushing myself to do things I never thought I’d be able to do. From climbing to the top of Pilot Rock, to biking 30K in the Siskiyou Challenge, to running 220 miles to the coast with my teammates in the Wild Rogue Relay, I have squashed those voices telling me what I can’t accomplish!

Favorite post-activity beverage: Rogue Runner IPA is optimal for post-adventure, victory beer drinking!


Wild Rogue Relay 2019: Photo Recap

We ran, we cheered, we danced deliriously at 4am…another typical year at the Wild Rogue Relay! Team Common Block Rogue Runners traversed 220 miles from Applegate Lake to Brookings last weekend, 100% powered by their own legs (and beer). This was our seventh year running the race with friends and coworkers, and we’re here to tell you it’s one of the highlights of our year.

A bit about The Wild Rogue Relay…

It starts with packet pickup at Common Block, where we give racers a free pre-race beer to calm their nerves and hopefully slow them down so we can pass them on the course. Nah, who are we kidding? We’re enjoying our own pre-race beverages, too.

The starting line at Applegate Lake is stunning (even if you’re still half-asleep at 6am), and then it only gets more beautiful as the course winds around wineries, trails and the Rogue River. Around 8pm, runners head up into the mountains and run all night. In the dark. In the woods. In costumes (some of them).

Then, at the crack of dawn on Saturday, runners start the trek down from the Coast Range and meander back along the Rogue River, popping out at the Pacific Ocean in Gold Beach.

But wait, the race isn’t done! No, no, no. There are still beaches, roads and trails to run (including our favorite leg of the relay – The Clown Puncher), until the finish line at Azalea Park in Brookings. There, all teams finally converge and share stories of killer hills, shoe-sucking sand, gravelly trips and brushes with sun-stroke. We bond over our collective trauma, thank others for their support during the course, clink our finish line beers together, and then talk about signing up again for next year.

We love this race, and you can absolutely plan on seeing us on the course next year. We’re addicted, in the best way. Until then, we want to thank the organizers, volunteers, racers and supporters along the relay for another amazing year! See everyone in 2020!


Let the Fun Begin: New Brew House In The House

“Where do you make your beer?”

“When are you getting an in-house system?”

“What do you mean by ‘soon'”?


Folks, the time has come! As we speak, our long-awaited, inaugural brewing system is being installed in our dining room. It’s big, beautiful, shiny, and full of beer-making potential.


About Our Brewing System


Our team has gone to work immediately (because we waited a long time for this) installing the stainless-steel tanks and fixtures in the brewery. We purchased the used O’Neil brand brew house from a brewery in Denver, Colorado, and it just happens to fit perfectly in the space we’ve set aside since opening.

With its 15 barrel batch size, the up-cycled system has the capacity to brew 720 barrels (or 22,320 gallons) of beer each year. The fermenting and serving tanks, which will live on the upstairs mezzanine of Common Block, are currently being fabricated separately by Practical Fusion in Portland, Oregon.

Since opening in December 2016, we’ve contracted-brewed our original recipes on equipment at other local breweries, including Climate City Brewing Co. in Grants Pass and Wild Card Brewing Co. in Redding. And to them, we say a big THANK YOU – we couldn’t have made it through these first couple of years without you!

Our new in-house system will allow us to expand our varieties (including more specialties and seasonals), explore new distribution options, and develop employee and community education about the beer making process with brewery tours, classes, pairings and more.


brewing tanks


A Special Thank You to SOREDI


We secured final funding for the brewing system with the help of SOREDI, Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc.  This organization works to advance local economic development, and fortunately they like beer…or at least they’ve chosen to help bolster local brewing in Southern Oregon. So a big thank you to the SOREDI team for helping make our beer dreams come true sooner rather than later.


So What’s Next for the Brewery?


You’ll see lots of changes over the next several months while we install the new system on the platform in the dining room (you know, the big empty concrete pit), and the upstairs mezzanine. We’ll be open during construction, and anyone interested will be able to watch the process phase by phase, until expected completion in the late summer or early fall of 2019.

While we’re building, you can still imbibe the same beers we’ve been serving, brewed at the same great local breweries. And once the system is fully in place, be ready to watch the brewing process in-action on our fully-visible platform.


So, are we excited? Uh huh.

Do we have a lot to do to put it all together? Yep.

Are we going to throw a big party when we make our first batch of beer AT COMMON BLOCK???!!! You betcha.


Stay tuned for news, photos, progress reports and all the updates over the next couple of months. We couldn’t be happier to reach this milestone, and we want to say thank you to all our guests who have supported us during the past two and a half years while we’ve maneuvered, pivoted, and planned to make beer happen. We’re over the moon to finally be able to brew right here, on our own equipment, and pour straight into your pints.



Thanks for Joining Us at Bales & Ales!

We had a toe-tappin’, pumpkin-carvin’, corhole-throwin’ good time last Sunday at Bales & Ales at Common Block, and want to thank everyone who joined us throughout the day! You all carved nearly 200 pumpkins, and we loved seeing the sweet, scary, silly and spooky jack-o-lanterns from kids and adults alike. Seeing families hanging out on hay bales warmed our hearts (and the Bale Bucker Harvest Ale warmed the rest of us!).

Tunes from DK Jazz Duo and The Brother’s Reed were fantastic, and we so loved the live music in the sunshine. A huge thank you to both groups for joining us and keeping the outdoors fall-time spirit alive! And we were so happy Pint Rider spent the day with us, too. Nothing like a beer bike in the sunshine to remind us why we love downtown Medford.

We want to share some photos from throughout the day, because y’all are just so darn cute. And — wow — we were lucky to have some amazing Southern Oregon autumn weather. We loved getting everyone together to share good food, beer and company, and we can’t wait to do it again next October!