Best Gear For Toting Beer

No matter which way you travel, getting your beer from the brewery to the fridge (if it really makes it that far) can be a challenge. Rolling around in the backseat, freezing your hands, unbalancing your bike…we make a lot of sacrifices for our beloved beverage. Luckily, there’s gear for that!

We’ve racked up a list of our favorite solutions for toting beer from here to there, whether in growlers or six packs. Some are fancy, some are super simple, and all of them help us keep our brews snug and secure. Safety first, afterall.

bicycle growler holderBy Bike

Fyxation Growler Caddy

This leather growler caddy securely fastens to your bike’s top tube and has secure straps that hold the front and the back of the growler tightly in place.

Growler Cagegrowler cage

The Growler Cage fits in place of any water bottle cage, and has a steel core wrapped in a waterproof neoprene sheath to protect your growler while holding on tightly.

Donkey Products 6Pack Bike Bag

donkey six packWe think the description on this German company’s website says it all: “…turning every bicycle tour into a detour of some kind!”


On Foot

Frostbite Growler Totefrostbite

The neoprene case zips securely around most standard 64 oz. growlers, and the handle and adjustable strap let you carry your beer any which way.

Picnic Time Six Pack Cooler Tote

picnic time toteNeoprene body and handle, extra outer pocket, and holes to loop over bottle necks. Carries beer, soda, and water bottles. Obviously, you know our preference.


In The Car

growler crate 2 seaterGrowler Crate

Side insert handles on these all-wood crates make them easy to carry, and standard-size growler compartments provide extra stability. No more rolling around on the passenger-side floor.

Kegworks Growler on Board

growler on boardMade of lightweight foam, this 3-pack growler holder works for car floors, seats or trunks. Each slot also has a bottle neck-sized hole to hold your upside-down growler after finishing (for draining or drying).

We realize we didn’t include teleporting, hover boarding, or sailing as transportation options, but as soon as someone comes up with beer gear for those, too, we’ll throw them on the list. Now carry on with your beer-toting journeys!