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COVID 19 updates

Here’s the latest on our modified COVID-19 operations (updated 6/1/2022):

  • We are open from 11am to 9pm everyday for walk-in dining and takeout (closed 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day).
  • Masks are optional indoors and outdoors.
  • We have two countertop stations for ordering (indoors and outdoors), or you saddle up to our park-facing outdoor bar! We also have tent heaters and the fire pit rolling for cool days and nights.
  • We are offering touchless pay. You can order and pay online, or if you’re ordering over the phone, ask for touchless pay when you arrive. We can print a receipt with a scan-able QR code that you can use to pay through our online system. It’s easy-peasy…just ask if you have questions.
  • Need hot sauce, malt vinegar, extra ketchup? Just ask. We’re happy to bring you single servings of whatever you need to make your meal taste just right.

When are you open?

11am to 9pm everyday. We are closed 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. We also close at 5pm on Super Bowl Sunday.

Do you take reservations?

Nope, we are walk-in only — come on in!

Are dogs allowed?

Yup! Bring your pup along to any of our outdoor dining tables. We ask that you have a leash, and please keep your dog at your feet (not up in a chair or at the table).

We also welcome service dogs anywhere in the restaurant, and have dog bowls for water upon request.

Are kids allowed?

Yes! All day, every day, in all areas of the restaurant (except in the actual brewery). We have a special menu for kiddos up to 12 years old, and coloring utensils for keeping small hands busy.