7 Things We Love About the Wild Rogue Relay

We’re mixing up brewery construction work with race training to ready ourselves for the Wild Rogue Relay, June 17-18th. Our team of 12 Common Blockers is running from Applegate Lake to Brookings, Oregon in this 36 leg, 30+ hour relay. It’ll be long, it’ll be challenging, and it’ll all be worth it for the beer a the end.

wrr1-291x300This annual race is about as good as it gets: dramatic scenery, great volunteers and support stations, enthusiastic teams, and a big, awesome party at the finish line on the coast. When we sit down and think about it (and we can’t sit long – we’re training, remember?), we can easily come up with our top seven reasons why we love the Wild Rogue Relay. Here are the highlights:

  1. The views – The scenery on this race is pretty unbeatable. Along the river and through the woods (with winery stops along the way), the relay winds along forest roads before popping out at the ocean in Gold Beach. Every leg has something different to offer, and each runner gets an amazing view at some point (or many points) during the race.
  2. Van artwork – Just give Wild Rogue Relayers some sleep deprivation and glass paint markers and watch their vans and trucks turn into pieces of art with team mottos, nicknames, and senseless sayings.
  3. Team support – What’s the best way to run six miles in the middle of nowhere? With a van of friends cheering you on, spraying you with water, and playing your favorite power songs.
  4. Dancing at the exchanges – Don’t pretend you didn’t do it. We saw you last year. Vans blast music, and runners start gettin’ down.
  5. IMG_2140Middle-of-the-night Dutch Bros. mochas – Thank goodness for Dutch Bros.! This main race sponsor posts up a middle-of-nowhere coffee stand in the woods and serves free beverages for racers. Hot chocolate at 1am never tasted so good.
  6. That one guy dressed as Fred Flintstone – Yeah, we remember you.
  7. Beer at the finish line – What’s a grueling, hot, 30+ hour race without a cold beer at the end? We’re sponsoring the event by serving beer at the finish line party at Azalea Park in Brookings, alongside Chetco Brewing. All runners get a free brew and race pint glass, because dang they’ll have earned it!

If you’re in Brookings that weekend, be sure to stop by and cheer in all the die-hard finishers. We’re Team Runners’ Block, and we’ll be the ones with shaky legs pouring brews. If we seem a little delirious, just give us gentle pats on the head and remind us what is was that you ordered.

PS. We survived! Check out shenanigans on our Wild Rogue Relay Photo Recap.