6 Local Races with Beer at the Finish Line

It’s New Year’s resolution time! While some of us have resolved to drink a huge variety of craft beer in 2016 (we’re so proud of you, Nick), lots of oath-makers pick exercise as their January 1st life-change of choice. So we’re making your dedication easier by compiling a list of races in southern Oregon that boast beer at the finish line. Training is just a little more palatable when you know you’ll be racing toward beer, don’t you think?


The finish line party at the Wild Rogue Relay, 2015. And world’s best photo bomb.

Siskiyou Challenge Relay RaceApril

This five-leg relay in Ashland, Oregon features running, kayaking, road biking and mountain biking, followed by food, beer, and entertainment. The race begins and ends at the ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum, where racers can browse exhibits after they finish, peruse the outdoor Harvest Fest, or just relax in the big, open field. Common Block (that’s us!) is pouring a free pint and serving up food for all racers at the finish.

Wild Rogue RelayJune

Gather 11 of your best running pals for this 220-mile relay from Applegate Lake to Brookings, Oregon. Over the mountains and through the woods, racers trek all day and night to get to the finish line where craft beer and food await. Local coffee maker, Dutch Bros., also provides free beverages for racers along the way, in case staying awake for 30+ hours isn’t normally your thing.

Siskiyou Outback (SOB) July

We’re excited to jump on board as the official post-race beer sponsor for Southern Oregon’s favorite grueling and gorgeous mountain-top race. Runners can choose from 15K, 50K, or 50-mile options, all starting from the parking lot at Mt. Ashland. We’ll be cheering in the racers with free pints at the finish line – maybe after a little cool-down for those 50 mile folks.

Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run August

This 13.3-mile footrace is not for the faint-of-heart (just look at the cover photo on their Facebook page). Runners climb over 5,600 feet to the summit of Mt. Ashland from Lithia Park. At least there’s cold beer for runners at the finish, provided by Standing Stone Brewing Co. in Ashland.

The Rogue Run September

The marathon, half-marathon, and 10K races end at a beer festival! After running along the Bear Creek Greenway, racers can browse the Southern Oregon Harvest Festival and BrewFest at the Jackson County Expo, with over 70 beer vendors. Plenty of options for beer-induced recovery, we’d say.

Running Dead, presented by Southern Oregon Goodwill October

This 5K race of mortals and zombies will end with an Apocalypse Party at Common Block’s parking lot in downtown Medford. Runners choose to either chase or be chased, with make-up artists on hand to transform everyday humans into running-dead, man-eating creatures. We’ll pour a free beer for all racers at the finish, because zombies drink beer, too.

Side note: Have you heard about this guy, 65,  from Massachusetts? He’s vowed to run at least one mile, and drink one can or bottle of beer every day in 2016. All 365 days! Cheers to taking your resolution to the next level, Tim.

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