6 Beer-Themed, Fall-Themed Recipes

Do you ever sit inside during the fall wondering, “How am I going to fit more beer into my day?” Us too! One great way to show your undying love for craft beer is whipping it into your favorite recipes. We add beer to soups, roasts, stews, marinades, desserts…freezing leftover beer in ice cube trays and storing them in tupperware is a great way to have it on hand any time.

from Beeroness

from Beeroness

We scoured the internet for fall-themed recipes to use your favorite flavored brews, or even the leftover keg beer from last night’s party. Here are our picks for fitting beer onto your plate all throughout the day:

Breakfast | Pumpkins Ale Waffles | from The Beeroness

Second Breakfast (c’mon, you know you want it) | Beer-Candied Bacon | from Tide and Thyme

Lunch | Pumpkin Beer Cheese Soup | from Spoon Fork Bacon


from Tide and Thyme

Afternoon Snack | Pale Ale Cheddar Cheese Crackers | from CraftBeer.com

Dinner | Beef and Stout Stew Over Mashed Potatoes | from Kitchen Vignettes

And for Dessert | Pumking Monkey Bread with Pumpkin Beer Caramel Sauce | from CraftBeer.com

Now farewell, and cheers to your upcoming cooking-with-beer adventures! Let us know how they turn out. Or bring them by. Either way.