Reduce, Reuse & Go Rogue with ‘Rogue To Go’

rogue to go containers

We’re joining other restaurants in the Rogue Valley to kick single-use takeout containers to the curb.

While we’re big fans of taking food home to enjoy, we have a hard time watching all those boxes and bags head out the doors (never to be seen again!). So we’ve partnered with Rogue To Go, a local collaboration that’s making it oh-so easy to swap takeout containers and have clean, fresh, new containers available on the regular.

Here’s How It Works

  • You purchase your first to-go container (or a redemption coin) for $10. Then it’s official…you’re in.
  • Next time you grab your grub at a participating Rogue To Go restaurant, bring your container. The restaurant will exchange it for a clean one that you can use right away, or give you a coin to bring on your next visit. When you redeem the coin, we’ll give you another box (and so on, and so on…no need to spend the $10 again).

So if you’re someone who regularly gets your food to go or takes your leftovers home, this is an AWESOME way of reducing to-go waste and using hardy, sturdy, reusable containers instead.

Did we mention they’re spiffy?! The bright green containers hail from the USA (and in Oregon no less!), and can also withstand heat from commercial dishwashers, making them an excellent choice for home dishwashers and restaurants.

About Rogue To Go Containers

There are currently two sizes available: one large box and one round container for liquids. So whether you have soup, a sandwich, pizza slices or big ol’ salad, we’ve got you covered.

They’re made in Albany, Oregon from BPA free plastic, and are 100% recyclable. They are also dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe and microwave-safe.

We like them for their durability, recyclability and happy green color!

Have Questions?

Let us know. We can also show you the containers next time you’re in.

We’re so excited to join other local restaurants in offering a product that’s great for our customers, our economy’s bottom line, and our planet.

Looking for gift ideas? Give a token as a gift to someone you know. You can also purchase boxes or tokens for your office-mates, family members, or people you see in restaurants (make some friends!).

We recommend visiting for a regularly updated list of participating restaurants — there are more joining all the time! The website also has a handy-dandy FAQ page that deep-dives into how the program works.

We hope you’ll join us in curbing restaurant waste in Southern Oregon!

Buy in. Fill up. Chow down. Swap ’em out.