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Common Block Brewing Company is an indoor-outdoor restaurant and brewery located in The Commons of downtown Medford. Our family-friendly brewpub welcomes guests for lunch, dinner, appetizers, dessert, brews with friends and everything in-between.

At Common Block, we believe in the camaraderie that thrives over shared pints and plates. Our gathering place centers around building community, sharing ideas, and crafting good beer & fresh food. We get our kicks from seeing a brewpub chock-full with people joining, talking, engaging, drinking & eating. The mission is communal, habitual, simple; let’s make community happen together.

Meet Alex & Danielle

This isn’t Alex and Danielle Amarotico’s first rodeo with building a brewpub. The long-time Southern Oregon denizens have lived, brewed and raised their brood of four kids while operating another local brewpub for the last 18 years.

What are their big motivators for opening another brewery in Southern Oregon? If you ask Alex, it’s remodeling the historic building, adding to the local craft beer scene, and getting to weld some new equipment. If you ask Danielle, it’s the excitement of forming a great staff, building relationships in the local community, and creating a family gathering place. If you ask both of them together, they’ll probably talk excitedly at the same time. Maybe stick to asking them individually. Over a beer, of course.



Want to hang out? Check out upcoming happenings on our Events page.

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